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KB and How-To for our hosting services

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General questions about malware and protecting yourself from threats

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What you can expect from the services WCS provide

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Questions about WCS in general

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Questions about personal and business websites

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If you find that sometimes images are broken when using SSL (https) on your site, or parts of it,...

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Isn't the correct spelling wizardry? Well, in the magical sense yes. WCS or Wizzardry Computer...

 Are my personal details at risk online?

Virus & malware infections can result in your personal details being intercepted by hackers....

 Pricing - Do WCS charge by the hour or operate with fixed fee's?

WCS can offer fixed fee for most of the services we provide. This can either be in the form of a...

 I'm concerned I have a virus, what can I do?

We certainly can. WCS specialise in computer security, and can guarantee we will rid your...

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